Personalized Culinary Delights by Chef Sunny Esposito

Enjoy a customized dining experience in the comfort of your own home or retreat space. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner, planning a group retreat or simply elevating every day meals, I will create a menu to suit your taste and occasion.

Sunny Esposito
About Me

Culinary Journeys from Around the World

I believe in a meal's power to bring people together, to kindle conversations, and to celebrate shared moments.

Travel, culture, and food have always been my passions. I've immersed myself in diverse kitchens across the globe. I bring those eclectic flavors straight to your plate. Think bright Mediterranean tones, zesty Thai accents, soulful Mexican & Latin flavors.

Using organic, seasonal ingredients, my aim is to offer vibrant and satisfying meals that add a spark of excitement and delight.

My Services

Crafted with Care, Designed to Delight

I tailor each experience to suit your needs. Recognizing the diverse tastes and dietary requirements of today’s world, I offer solutions including vegetarian, vegan and paleo options to ensure every guest is happy, nourished and satiated.

In house private chef

Let me bring the restaurant experience to your home, preparing bespoke dinners that are as unique as you are. Have your fridge and pantry stocked with your favorite treats, and enjoy prepared meals tailored to your tastes."

Traveling chef service

Whether you're on holiday or planning a destination event, I'm ready to travel with you to ensure your meals are as unforgettable as your experiences.

Personalized cooking classes

From one-on-one sessions to group workshops, I'll turn your kitchen into a classroom where you'll learn to create delectable dishes.

Retreat catering

Custom menus for wellness retreats, yoga sessions, or personal inquiry events; my dishes support and enhance your collective experience.

My Values

Nourishing You,
Nurturing Nature

I believe in the profound connection between what we eat and how we live.  Sourcing locally and emphasizing organic ingredients. Beyond the kitchen, I’m devoted to  providing composting solutions and supporting regenerative agriculture. It’s a holistic approach, intertwining your health, flavorful experiences, and a sustainable future. Let’s cherish our shared moments and the Earth we inhabit.

Beat and carrot dish

Words from My Diners

"Lisa was an integral part of our retreat in Costa Rica, and her food absolutely wowed our participants. Her dishes are creative, intentional, and beautifully served. It is clear she loves what she does and that love is poured into every seasonal, locally sourced meal she creates. Her genuine passion for her work is contagious, and she willingly shares her knowledge and enthusiasm with everyone around her. Not only is her food out of this world, but she is an incredible human whose uplifting energy adds to the experience. I have worked with a number of chefs in my life, and Lisa is by far at the top of my list."

Kerry Borcherding

Evolve Institute

“Sunny has cooked phenomenal dinners at our home many times and the meals are incredible - from Thai to Mexican, bringing attention to details, hand making each sauce and salsa with traditional, gluten free and vegan friendly options to accommodate all of us. Lastly she integrates into the party so well, knowing exactly how to serve and cook in harmony with the environment. I could not endorse her more for the best food and the best vibes.”

Michael Clark

New York - Nosara

"In the summer of 2022 I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Chef Sunny in the gorgeous lands of Shambala, Sweden.My friend Ida May and I were hosting a very special wellness retreat there. Sunny provided beautiful vegan buffets in all the colors of the rainbow. Mouth watering tastes to excite the senses- exotic yet with that heart warming feel of the familiar; home, loved ones and good times."

Josephine McGrail

Wellness Coach, Healer and Yogateacher

“Sunny’s cooking is a true art of the heart! Her love and joy shines in and through her offering of divinely good tasting, beautiful and nourishing food. It was a true pleasure and inspiration for me to be her kitchen apprentice for one summer in the Shambala kitchen.”

Lotta Johansson


"I could go on and on about how delicious every dish of the Mexican inspired meal was…Mole, perfectly cooked tortilla chips, vegetarian ceviche and more. With every dish she would share related history, culture and how she sourced her ingredients. Most importantly, she shared the magic that happens when mastery of skill meets passion of heart."


Akindred Healing. Oregon

"I hope that whoever considers hiring or collaborating with Lisa (chef Sunny) in any way will have the opportunity to appreciate her magical orchestration of ingredients and tales of delight."

Jerry Greer

Sound and body healing, USA

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